The Financial Plan

The budget is a crucial element of any conference organisation. A well-researched financial plan will make it easier to monitor and manage the conference. This means that early on in the proceedings an overview of all expected income and expenditure needs to be drawn up. Considering our extensive knowledge and esperience with the organisation of conferences and finances in general, we are the right partner for you. We consider your requirements and we offer you sound financial advice. We will also consider the entire VAT procedure, so that you know exactly what you are looking at. 


The Pre-financing and Guarantee Fund (VGF)

The budget is also an essential component of any BID-procedure. The Pre-financing and Guarantee Fund (VGF) can be part of the budget and serves as an incentive for developing conference initiatives. The VGF supports organisers of international multi-day conferences. The fund helps to cover start-up costs and potential other financial risks. The two services that the fund offers can be applied for separately or in combination:

  • The pre-financing service: often an organiser incurs costs in the run-up to a conference. Think of the deposit for the venue, setting up a foundation or developing a website. As the income will be received at a later stage, you can apply to the VGF for an interest free loan without any costs. 
  • The guarantee service: a conference budget consists of income and expenditure, but the income can be uncertain. If there are less participants than expected, this will have a massive impact on the budget. The VGF offers the possibility of a guarantee and prevents conference cancellation due to revenue shortfalls. 

Needless to say, there are certain factors that determine the amount of the loan or guarantee. We are here to advise and ensure you get the service that is right for you. 

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